Kit Aquapioneers

Ready to start growing your own food thanks to aquaponics?

At the intersection between hardware and ecology, the Aquapioneers kit will allow you to grow fresh and tasty aromatics throughout the year. Its design is Open Source, so you can buy it or download its files and build it yourself.

The Kit can be accompanied by a workshop where we will teach you how to assemble and use it. If you prefer, we can also offer an initial or regular maintenance service to guarantee the perfect functioning of your ecosystem.

This small part of nature will catch you and inspire you, your family and your friends.

Micro Farm

If you are looking for an aquaponics system that allows you to grow more plants or are looking for a system to use in your commercial space as a training tool, the Micro_Farm is the perfect product.

It consists of a 500-liter tank and two transparent rafts with a capacity for 60 plants. Its total dimensions are 2 x 1.8 x 0.6m.

Vertical Hydroponics OG kit

Ready to start growing your own vegetables, fruits, flowers, and aromatics?

The Optimus Garden hydroponics gardens are the simplest and most fun option to have your own fresh food production at home or at your place of work.

The OG kit comes with everything you need to set up your urban garden with 12 floors, 18 floors or 24 floors. You choose which one best suits your space.

Do not think twice and join the vertical agriculture revolution!

kit de hidoponia