Ready to cultivate from the first day

We will deliver it already mounted at your place. The Kit Plug and Play is an “all-included” live aquaponic ecosystem ready for fishkeeping and growing veggies from the first day. Made from a clever combination of crafted wood, glass and ultimate LED technology, its compact design will allow you to place it everywhere.

You order the Kit* including the fish and plants you would like to start with, our team will take care of the rest. During this delivery, our team will spend some time with you to show how to carefully take care and maintain the ecosystem.

* Different wood type and sizes options available soon

Aquapioneers Kit Plug and Play


Items included
The wooden pieces Already cycled clay pebbles
LED for Growbed & Aquarium Aquarium accessories
Plumbing parts Aquarium decoration
Aquarium Water quality tests
Electric components Fish
Paper version of user operation manual Plants


How does it work ?

The Ecosystem uses a natural process called Aquaponics, which harnesses the relationships between beneficial microorganisms, fish, and plants to grow fresh & delicious produce. The fish process the food they receive and produce ammonia-rich waste. Microorganisms convert the ammonia into nitrates (organic plant fertilizer), simultaneously supplying the plants with nutrients and the fish with clean water!

As a result of this natural process, you won’t have to clean the tank again, or worry about the freshness of your food!

Size & weight

Once the aquarium is filled up and the growbed full of clay pebble the entire system will weight around 100kg.

Fish and Plants

Some herbs & leafy greens you can grow

Some species of fish that can inhabit your ecosystem

Low consumption LED

The Ecosystem’s LEDs will allow you to grow your favorite aromatics all year round.

This LED just use the right light spectrum to activate the photosynthesis while providing a reduction of up to 80% in energy consumption compared to a traditional growing light. For more information check our provider detailed description.

The lights can also be vertically adjusted to the height of your plants to maximize their growing efficiency.

Integrated Storage

The storage area offers space for the accessories you need (e.g. seed packets, fish food, nutrient supplements, water quality tests, etc)

Operation Manual

Because an aquaponic ecosystem is not a chair, but a living organism, you will have to take care of it. Like we should do with Nature actually 🙂

We are aware that for most of you, it will be your first aquaponic experience, that’s why we have prepared the “maintenance and operation” manual.

Made with love in Barcelona

Beyond the open source nature of our design, we value the importance to foster a more resilient local economy and try to decrease as much as possible our carbon footprint. That’s why we decided to get our kits production right where we sell it, here in Barcelona.


Write us an email and we will revert to you as soon as possible. The Kit Plug and Play can also be supported by regular maintenance services by our team to make sure your ecosystem will always stay healthy (ideal for offices, coworking spaces, schools, and hotels).

*Option only available in Cataluña now