Aquaponics introduction workshop


We want to share our passion with aquaponics because we believe that it is a wonderful way to provide natural food and will be part of the future of modern cities.

At this discovery workshop, you will learn the essentials of aquaponics to produce plants, vegetables and fresh fish.

You will learn how to make your own aquaponics system at home, how to take care of it, what fish and plants to choose, etc. and you will discover an original way to please your taste buds.


Practical information

Workshop duration: 1 day (7 hours)

Localitation: Valldaura Self-sufficient labs, Barcelona

Capacity: 15 people

This workshop is aimed at all people who wish to learn innovative aquaponics techniques, to create their own aquaponic garden at home and aspire to food self-sufficiency.


70 € per person / 110 € two people (lunch included)

Free children (up to 12 years old)


Activities Description
Part 1
Introduction Why be interested in aquaponics?

What is aquaponics?

Discover the history of aquaponics

Start with aquaponics The three actors of aquaponics: fish, plants and bacteria

Discover different types of system (floating raft, media bed, NFT, vertical …) in the experimental greenhouse.

Part 2
Start-up ecosystem Where can you install your system? Study of several cases: advantages and disadvantages

Start the system: nitrogen cycle

How to plant in aquaponics?

When and how to introduce fish?

Deficiencies: how to identify and overcome them?

Part 3
Daily and weekly maintenance of an aquaponics system Analysis of the aquaponic ecosystem

Indicators to verify daily and weekly

Visual verification of the health of plants and fish

The first steps in case of problems

General maintenance of the system

At the end of the workshop we will give you the documentation with all the knowledge transmitted during the course, including the operation of the aquaponics systems, the management of plants and fish, and everything you need to know to start the adventure!