Custom-Made Aquaponics Garden and Farm

Beyond our products, we also design and install custom-made aquaponics systems/gardens for indoors and outdoors, from small to medium to commercial sized systems ideal for homes, restaurants, schools, businesses, and terraces in an urban environment.

Whether you are an individual or a professional and you are interested in our urban aquaponics gardens, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Custom-Made Hydroponics Garden

If you do not have enough space in your house or company, do not worry. The vertical gardens will allow you to grow your favorite vegetables and aromatics throughout the year regardless of the space you have.

The vertical Optimus Garden system is modular and allows to make realizations of almost any dimension. Aquapioneers together Optimus Garden we can design and install a vertical garden that suits your needs and make the most of your space.


Through our consulting services, we want to help you achieve your objectives, understand your needs and provide practical and effective solutions, working collaboratively.

We offer you a personalized advice, either to make a preliminary diagnosis evaluating the possible options or a technical-economic feasibility study to help you cover your needs.