Kits fabrication and delivery progress in Barcelona

December has been focused on our kits fabrication for our Barcelona’s crowdfunding backers, and we would like to share their respective delivery progress.

Kits fabrication

The first step was to collect the wooden pieces that have been cut, sanded and varnished by our Barcelona based digital carpentry partner NODO

Then Guillaume engraved some visuals (i.e. Aquapioneers logo, kit signature, aquaponics cycle, etc) on different pieces with a laser cutter at IAAC I Fab Lab Barcelona to make each kit unique.

You can have a better idea how we did that, watching this video on our Instagram account:

Then, we brought them to Valldaura self-sufficient labs to assemble the wooden pieces and let Loic turn each wooden structure into an aquaponic ecosystem.

For that, Loic started to work on the irrigation system to waterproof the wooden structure and welcome the aquarium. Following the integration of the electric system to power the plants growing LED light, and the water/air pump in the aquarium.

All of this process happened in December and we were now ready for the most exciting part: delivering them to our backers in January 🙂


The first kit delivery was for Loic’s little brother, that spend the entire night building it like a puzzle following the timelapse we did for the crowdfunding.

The second kit was delivered at Barcelona Food Hub, a new space dedicated to the future of gastronomy.

The third and fourth kit landed in the flat of Jordi and Pablo.

The fifth one landed at a Poc a Poc coworking space, a place dedicated to social & environmental-minded entrepreneurs.