Welcome to Fab Lab Montevideo !

We get invited to walk the talk of our “Aquaponics Made in Fab Lab concept” by building our open source aquaponics kit in Sinergia Tech, the first Fab Lab in Uruguay.

This has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of her Director, Carolina Vignoli and her amazing Fab team.

One week to share our passion

To offer a comprehensive framework, we split the construction of the ecosystem in different modules following the anatomy of the kit:

  • Day 1: Building the Body, a structure made of plywood, able to handle the weight of the fish tank, the grow bed and the lighting system.
  • Day 2: Assembling the Blood, a closed-loop water system that travels between all the components of the aquaponic ecosystem and connects them together.
  • Day 3: Putting together the Sun, a LED lighting system bringing enough light indoors to grow plants while consuming as less energy as possible,
  • Day 4: Soldering the Brain, an Arduino monitoring system giving us key insights about the health of the ecosystem.
  • Day 5: Introducing the Ecosystem, a symbiotic relationship between the fish, the beneficial microbes and plants.

Who’s next ?

After the Green Fab Lab and Fab Lab Barcelona, Fab Lab Montevideo has been the third Fab Lab to be interested about our project.

Let’s see who will be next ?

Stay tuned.