Creating environmental awareness has become a social movement and an attitude towards life

We propose several workshop formats to introduce you to aquaponics as a technique of urban and sustainable agriculture, its different cultivation techniques and to create your own aquaponic system.

These new ways of cultivating, learning, teaching, relating and understanding the world can allow us to develop sustainably, combat food shortages, promote sustainable agriculture, improve our quality of life and avoid environmental degradation, among other benefits.

Typology of workshops:

Educational and pedagogical workshops for schools and universities
Workshops to promote teamwork in companies
Demonstration workshops for events and exhibitions
Digital manufacturing workshops
One day workshop at our research center hosted at Valldaura Labs
Workshop to teach you how to assemble and use your Aquapioneers kit
Custom workshops

What are the benefits of our workshops?

Participation and involvement, teamwork, sense of responsibility, care for the environment, food self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship, stimulation of the creative process, experimentation and observation.


The undeniable benefit of having an aquaponics ecosystem in class is the increased participation that you will get from the students as a result. Throughout the year, we will create personalized workshops to improve collaboration between teachers and students, create a sense of responsibility, etc. 

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When people have the opportunity to interact with nature, there is a reduction in stress and an improvement in their well-being. The inauguration of an aquaponics ecosystem in the office will greatly improve the atmosphere of your company.