Aquaponics cycle

The fish process the food they receive and produce ammonia-rich waste. Microorganisms convert the ammonia into nitrates (organic plant fertilizer), simultaneously supplying the plants with nutrients and the fish with clean water!

As a result of this natural process, you won’t have to clean the tank again or worry about the freshness of your food!

Some herbs & leafy greens you can grow

Some species of fish that can inhabit your ecosystem


Compact design and easy to assemble

We designed the Aquapioneers Ecosystem to have the simplest setup possible. Easy to assemble, it snaps together in just minutes without screws or glues. Our system is a wooden structure that consists of three major components: the legs, the grow-bed, and the light.

More productive than soil

The Ecosystem boasts a grow bed of 70 cm x 30 cm of growing area and a depth of 30 cm for plenty of healthy root space. With a constant supply of water, nutrients and quality light you can expect a higher level of production than typically seen in an outdoor garden. Additionally, you can plant your crops more densely than in outdoor soil.

Self-watering & self-fertilizing garden

The Ecosystem offers a low maintenance experience for anyone looking to own an aquarium or grow healthy greens year-round. It works by pumping water and waste from the tank below into the grow bed. After the plants recycle the waste, clean water is filtered back into the tank by the siphon located in the grow-bed to ensure a clean tank and happy fish! The system works as a closed loop cycle allowing a 90% reduction in water consumption compared to a classic garden.

Low consumption LED lights

The Ecosystem’s LEDs just use the light spectrum that the plants need to grow (blue – 650 nm and red- 450nm) reducing significantly its energy consumption. Consuming even less than a laptop (50W). The lights can also be vertically adjusted to the height of your plants to maximize their growing efficiency.

Integrated Storage Space

Designed into the legs of the Ecosystem, the storage area offers space for the tools you need (e.g. seed packets, fish food, nutrient supplements) and an aquaponics test kit (for testing pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates)