This project is really special for us since La Sagrera school (  is a special school in Barcelona which educate children with special needs.

The objective of this collaboration is to offer something new in the school curriculum through the installation of an Aquapioneers Ecosystem, its maintenance, and organization of children’s activities for one year. We are very happy to have started this project on time, and actually before what was expected 🙂  facilitating the contact of La Sagrera students with nature and its magic through aquaponics.  Throughout this year we will meet and experience aquaponics both at their school and at our space near Barcelona in Can Valldaura,  to exchange the practice of aquaponic farming with the traditional school curriculum of a 12 students group.

During our first meeting, we visited their reality, spending one day at their school, attending classes and observing the methodology teachers are using to inspire and guide the students.

From April to October, the average temperature is between 16°C and 25°C which is optimum to grow our crops, maintain our nitrification bacterias and our fish happy. However, if we want to continue growing crops during the winter, we will need a Greenhouse.  

One month later, in October, we invited the group of students and their teachers to discover “our world” and spend an entire day with us at our experimental aquaponics greenhouse. To help them understand how aquaponics work, we organized three small workshops around the plants & fishes we grow and the microorganisms that help balance our ecosystems.

To share how the magic of aquaponics is opening their eyes to how natural ecosystems work, we have decided to create a web series about the evolution of our collaboration. For that, we will regularly publish ( approximately every month) a small video on our Youtube channel! The first video at the end of the month 🙂 so stay tuned!