Connecting with nature and

colleagues at your workplace

While growing strawberries, basil, mint or even lemon grass thanks to … lovely fish!

An increasing number of studies are reporting decreased levels of stress and better overall mental health when individuals have opportunities to interact with nature through a garden or an aquarium.

Both ecological and social, the inauguration of an aquaponic ecosystem in the office can greatly uplift the atmosphere at your company. Less stressed and more joyful employees interact at work, naturally resulting in improved productivity at the workplace.

Our proposition: the aromatic season

We will select 20 employees in your company and use the magic of aquaponics as an opportunity to increase connections with each other and nature.

Every Aromatic Season will run during 2-3 months, gradually empowering employees to grow and discover incredible aromatics from all over the world.

In a nutshell

  • 1 Kit
  • 20 persons
  • 2-3 months
  • 1 discovery workshop
  • 1 cooking workshop
  • Weekly guidance & support from our team
  • Learning by doing = Lot of fun

They believe in us.

Nothing better than listening from our customers feedbacks .

Schneider Electric

25 participants, 1 Aquapioneers Ecosystem, 2 months team building program between 3 different departments (Marketing & Communication, Energy & Sustainability, IPO).

Are you a company based in Barcelona and willing to improve the well being of your employees ?