Benefits of aquaponics in offices

Well being

Team building

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An increasing number of studies are reporting decreased levels of stress and better overall mental health when individuals have opportunities to interact with nature through a garden or an aquarium. Both ecological and social, the inauguration of an aquaponic ecosystem in the office can greatly uplift the atmosphere at a company. Less stressed and more joyful employees interact at work, naturally resulting in improved productivity at the workplace. See what happened at Schneider Electric Barcelona.

Our services


Our team will come to your office to install the aquaponics ecosystem wherever you want. In collaboration with your employees, we will choose the plants and herbs they would like to grow. Our maintenance team comes to take care of your fish and your plants twice a month. They also take the time to interact with you and your working colleagues.

Team building workshops

Every two months, we will organize a cooking workshop at your facility to make you discover an original recipe with what you’ve been growing! During these moments we will introduce you to new plants for the coming season.

Only available in Barcelona now


Aquapioneers Kit Plug and Play

Natural food for pleasure

Pleasure is the future of health. On a daily basis, the ecosystem becomes a space for informal breaks and exchanges for your employees where they can freely harvest natural plants for lunch, infusion or special event. Need a break from your computer? Just go watch the fish, cultivate, taste and relax.

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