This pilot farm is a small scale version of what could be an aquaponic farm on the rooftop of Barcelona. Simultaneously testing different growing techniques such as Media Bed, Raft, and Zip Grow towers, we are rapidly building knowledge on aquaponic systems operation, plant production, crop scheduling and pest management.

We use it as a “training wheel”, continuously evolving to reflect the knowledge we gain and the lessons we learn from our mistakes while providing us fresh food! 

Loic Le Goueff: Chief Technology Officer Aquapioneers


September 2016-Active


25m2 greenhouse, 1m3 fish tank, 3m2 RAFT, 1m2 media bed, 4 x Zip Grow towers, 1 x smart sensor




Tomato, Zucchini, eggplant, lemon grass, mint, parsley, basil, lettuce, coriander, kale, etc

What are the main benefits of its system?

Customized structure done with Digital Fabrication

We have used the machines from the Fab lab at Valldaura to build our own design using the CNC router: More info about the design and construction process can be found here

Recycled materials

From the fish tank, passing by the mechanical & biological filter, the sump and raft, we have been using recycling materials.

Open Source monitoring system

We have been forking an open source environmental monitoring kit and platform called Smart citizen kit to adapt it to the need of aquaponics. This system monitors in real time water T°c, air T°c and humidity, light intensity, pH, EC, dissolved oxygen.Datas can be seen here and our development on our Github repository.

100% powered by solar photovoltaic (coming soon)

In the next coming months, we will implement a PV system with battery to work off the grid.

Objective 300kg of veggies and 30kg of fish / year (To be confirmed soon)