Welcome to our farm – our little corner of paradise

It all started a year ago

The idea behind this greenhouse was planted a year ago and if it could talk, every single part would have its own story to tell. Entirely designed and built by our team, our unique aquaponic greenhouse is a living demonstration of the power of digital fabrication and recycling materials. It is operational since July 2016 and has become our powerhouse for veggies and edible fish!

Learning by Doing: Our Aquaponic Pilot Farm

This pilot farm is a small scale version of what could be an aquaponic farm on the rooftop of Barcelona.

Simultaneously testing different growing techniques such as Media Bed, NFT and Vertical Farming, we are rapidly building knowledge on aquaponic systems operation, plant production, crop scheduling and pest management.

We use it as a “training wheel”, continuously evolving to reflect the knowledge we gain and the lessons we learn from our mistakes, while providing us with more fresh food than we can eat! As we are getting more confident with our prototype, we are getting ready to move on to full-scale production.

aquaponic pilot farm

Sharing our passion with a One Day Course

We want to share our passion with Aquaponics because we believe that it is a wonderful way to provide “better than organic” food and will be part of the future of modern cities.

At this discovery workshop you will learn the essentials of Aquaponics. You will understand how this amazing ecosystem works, why plants are growing so well, how to take care of its lovely fish and much more.

The cherry on the cake: Aquaponics tasting ! At the end of this seminar we will all share an aquaponic meal from the veggies we have been growing.

Interested to come for a 1 day workshop to discover the potential of Aquaponics ?