Beyond our products, we also offer aquaponic custom-made systems // turnkey projects for indoor and outdoor applications (from small to medium to commercial size project).


Our Kit is easy to assemble, it snaps together in just minutes without screws or glues. You can choose either assemble it yourself or we can deliver it already mounted in your place and the installation will be fully supported by our team.

If our kit does not cover your needs, we can design a customized system for you.

An electric socket is enough for letting nature reintegrate your spaces.


Our maintenance team comes to take care of your fish and plants one day a week or twice a month.

They will also take the time to show you how to how to carefully take care and maintain the ecosystem so that in the long run you can take care of it.

Your only role will be to pick your leaves, fruits, and vegetables to make your salads, infusions, etc.


We propose several workshop formats to introduce you to aquaponics in order you can grow your own plants, aromatics and vegetables.

You can come to Valldaura self-sufficient laboratories through a one-day workshop or we can go to your facilities to offer a personalized workshop either for teamwork in companies, pedagogical in school, didactic in the university, exhibition, international, etc.


Through our Consulting Services, we want to help you achieve your objectives, understanding your needs and providing practical and effective solutions, working collaboratively.

We offer you personalized advice either to make a preliminary diagnosis evaluating the possible options or a technical-economic feasibility study to help you cover your needs.