Like plants, we are growing every day

JUNE 2016

  • Guillaume and Loic decide to found Aquapioneers and dedicate 100% on the project
  • Start to improve Guillaume’s Open Source Fab Academy Aquaponics Kit at Valldaura Self-Sufficient Labs closed to Barcelona


  • Aquapioneers kit improvement thanks to Digital Fabrication for v1.1
  • Follow 6 weeks Aquaponics Design Course, from worldwide aquaponics guru Hallam Murray
  • Start build outside aquaponics system (1m3 fish tank + 4m2 growing surface) at Valldaura Self-Sufficient Labs following FAO design principles


  • Join Barcelona Activa / La Comunificadora Collaborative Commons startup incubation program to work out a business model focus on “Corporate Agriculture” using our kit
  • Deployment of Aquapioneers kit v1.3 at Fab Lab Montevideo


Design / Build / Start a 30m2 aquaponics greenhouse structure with Digital Fabrication  at Valldaura Self-sufficient labs

MAY 2017

Implementation of first pilot for Aquaponics Offices Services with Aquapioneers v1.5 at:

  • Schneider Electric Barcelona
  • Fab Lab Barcelona

JULY 2017

  • Successful Crowdfunding Campaign  on Ulule – 30k€ raised
  • 1000 followers on Facebook
  • Co-development and implementation of an Open Source IoT Monitoring system ( based on Smart Citizen technology) for our aquaponics greenhouse R&D


  • Start first pilot for STEAM EDUCATION Services with Barcelona based school “La Sagrera”
  • Major greenhouse improvements at Valldaura with:
    • Deployment of ZipGrow vertical towers
    • Add 3m2 Raft system