Hello. We’re Aquapioneers.

At Aquapioneers we develop solutions for sustainable urban agriculture using the latest landless indoor cultivation technologies, promoting food self-sufficiency in cities. We are located in the Natural Park of Collserola, in The Self-Sufficient Lab of Valldaura to inspire us every day in nature.


We want to make agriculture possible in areas considered uncultivated, whether due to lack of space, access to water or land quality, and to help people to grow and eat sustainable, organic and local foods.


Aquapioneers revives the values of circular economy and local production of food respecting the environment. We are driven by an Open Source philosophy, where sharing, co-creating and improving together is possible for everyone from anywhere.


Guillaume Teyssié

Co-founder & CIO

Guillaume spent his childhood connected to the aquatic life, from the aquarium he had in his room to the weekends he went fly-fishing with his dad. He has a Double French – Chinese Master of Engineering and worked in Europe and Asia during 5 years holding different project management roles in technology innovation for start-up and big companies. Aquapioneers is for him a way to reconnect his childhood hobby and his experience in innovation management. Here he uses his creativity to run MARCOM activities and his experience to run Aquapioneers as a lean startup.

Loic Le Goueff

Co-founder & CTO

Loic’s early passion for science and environmental issues led him to study a career in Environmental Engineering with a specialization in Biochemical Engineering at the Technion in Israel. Seeking to create his own project, during his Masters in Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology in Barcelona, he met Guillaume and together they set off to create Aquapioneers. Here, combining his technical creativity with his skills in multi-tasking, he heads Operations and R&D – Managing and improving aquaponic systems as well as engineering new ones. As a co-founder, he is responsible for administration where his passion for systems and structure aspires to give the venture solid foundations.

Gabriela Perez Alvarez

Operation Officer

Gabriela has 10 years of experience in logistic, operation and customer care for big companies like Schneider Electric or Danone. After a traveling around the world during one year, she refocused her energy on education with a focus on STEAM education. At Aquapioneers she is bringing her experience with providers management, consolidating the operation and leads the education projects.

Susan Conti Giménez

Marketing & Communication

Susan is finishing her degree in Marketing and Market research. She has previous experience as an interior designer. Committed to the environment protection, she saw in Aquapioneers an opportunity to use her skills in order to reconnect urban dwellers to the importance of nature in their daily life.  On one hand, she is our Community Manager and on the other hand, she develops and implements our B2B Marketing strategy.

Sergio Baraibar

Economist & Financial Officer

Sergio is an economist who believes in economics as an essential tool for managing and distributing sustainably limited resources. After graduating in economics he coursed a master’s degree in Design for sustainability and worked later on, at the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona.  It was when he took the leap to begin this new adventure as the main economist of Aquapioneers.