Plants you can grow in the kit

Based on our team experience and research at our farm lab in Barcelona, we continuously update this page to provide you relevant information about what type of plants you can grow and what are the best conditions in terms of light, temperature, PH, etc you should take care to get the most of your kit. If you want to go beyond the pictures and get a hands-on experience we are organizing workshops at our Barcelona based facility, to help you understand the essentials of aquaponics.

And much more in a bigger system

In our pilot greenhouse, we are simultaneously testing different growing techniques such as Media Bed, Raft, and Zip Grow towers to grow more than aromatics and leafy greens!  This facility allows us to share our passion with aquaponics with a one-day discovery workshop, where you will learn how this closed loop ecosystem works.

Beyond plants, our aquaponics greenhouse give us edible fish! so far we are experimenting with